Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

The English cover of Rune Factory.


[edit] Background

You play as a boy who was found unconscious in a town, with no memory of who he was or how he got there. This boy is later found to be the chosen Earthmate, thus explaining his great combat abilities. He uses the land just outside town and begins building up his own farm. This game is a spinoff of the popular Harvest Moon series. The only difference is that you wield a sword, and can capture monsters and raise them on your farm as pets. This game will have a storyline which you will play through as you continue capturing monsters throughout the game.

[edit] General Information

Genre: RPG, Simulation
Developer: Neverland Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Marvelous Interactive, Natsume, Rising Star Games
Perspective(s): Third Person

Release Info
North America: Aug 14, 07
Japan: Aug 24, 06
Europe: Sep 12, 08

[edit] Story

The main character (his default name is Raguna, but can be changed) wakes up on a quiet country road, with no idea how he got there. He meets and befriends a strange young woman, named Mist. Mist tells Raguna he is in a small town called Kardia, and allows him to live on her spare land, under the condition that he keep it up nicely by growing crops and making money. He is soon called upon by the mayor of Kardia, Godwin, who has heard of Raguna's excellent fighting abilities. The caves around Kardia have been teeming with monsters for some time, and Godwin would like to see an end to them. So, Raguna's job becomes the exterminator: destroy all monsters and generators in the caves so that they will be safe for the villagers again. However, it is soon realized that the evil Sechs Empire is behind the monsters, and they are planning to invade...

[edit] Features

  • Combat is included for the first time in a Harvest Moon game.
  • There are eleven bachelorettes to choose from for marriage.
  • Using your forge, you can make your own swords, shields, and staffs. With your pharmacy, you can make medicines and potions.
  • Many villagers live in Kardia, and all have their own likes, dislikes, thoughts and dreams.
  • There are seven caves to explore, each with their own theme, monsters, and gems.
  • You can build a monster hut, tame monsters, and keep them on your farm.
  • Wi-Fi allows you to trade with your friends through the Internet.

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